LA LOBERA DE MARTÍN started it's walking in 1969 as an informal "tapas" bar, placed on Catania N° 5 street (Ripa 43 before) which used to offer an excellent cooking not at all in keeping with the setting up's image.  

There, Martín family, with mister Leopoldo Martín Nebra and miss Antonia Aznar Belenguer leading, used to serve magnificent ox t-bones and tenderloins, northern tuna with "piquillo" peppers, its famous Spanish omelette, incomparable grilled prawns, the great grilled tender garlic and green asparagus, and it's unmistakeable brine anchovies which, still today, continue having loyal followers....

Since 2000 it took a different tack, keeping, anyway, the same cooking tendency which gave them one of the most famous names in Zaragoza

On Supervía street they inaugurated a spacious, comfortable local and a bar where their goods are exposed. Its responsible, founder's son, José Manuel Martín, serves with a constant kindness. Beside him, Carlos Escalada, the person in charge, deals not only with the bar but also with the dining-room.

Bodega con restos de la Muralla Romana
Subsequently, on 15th November 2012, they inaugurated a new restaurant at the Bodega con restos de la Muralla Romana Commercial Centre "Puerta Cinegia" at "Plaza España".

A new and bigger space where we can find a combination of wall ruins, rocks' fragments and the most modern installations.

As it couldn't be any other way and loyal to their origins, they are still offering, on the one hand, their wild fish and a variety of sea-fruits brought from the best Spanish places: barnacles, King-lobster, prawns, oysters, elvers and other sea products which are a spectacle for our senses and, on the other hand, their ox t-bone and tenderloin, selected by the own "Manolo", so it arrives to his restaurant keeping all of it's nutritional and organoleptique properties.
To the large and varied menu, they have incorporated a "daily menu" and other special menus for groups, always keeping the highest quality.

With the enterprising and fighter spirit that has always characterised him, José Manuel Martín starts a new adventure named "La Loberica" on 1st may 2012.

With Carlos Escalda leading, they leave behind the old installations on Supervía street and they move to their new local at "Plaza España" N° 7. This is a return to their origins of "La Lobera de Martín": an informal "tapas" bar which surprises us with it's extraordinary toasts, "pinchos", great sandwiches, "papas con mojo", etc, etc, all this framed in a design and maximum comfort atmosphere.

Quality before anything else, this is Martin's premise.



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